The health of our patients, staff and communities is our primary focus. As we continue to closely monitor any updates regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want you to know that we taking the necessary precautions and are here for you.

Catawba Radiology has protocols in place to help ensure our community continues to have immediate access, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, to a local radiologist. These include:
   »  Facility assignments for radiologists designed to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination between locations
   »  Implementing flexible work hours for administrative staff in the form of staggered shifts to increase the physical distance among employees
   »  Performing routine environmental cleaningin addition to our regular daily cleaning before and after each shift
   »  Establishing an isolated workspace to minimize exposure between the radiologist

In an ongoing and evolving effort to protect our staff and radiologist, all Catawba Radiology office staff that do not need to be on-site and who can work remotely (eg, including coders, billers and schedulers) will be directed to work from home starting Monday, March 23rd.

How will this change impact our daily interaction with you?
 »  To minimize exposure between employees and the public, our front office will be closed. For assistance, please call 828.322.2644.
 »  All calls made to our office will be sent directly to voicemail so that it can be directed to the correct service representative. Please follow the instructions left on the voice memo so that we can ensure the most appropriate service representative can contact you within the next business day.

For additional updates on the coronavirus, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Thank you for your continued trust in Catawba Radiology. We continue to cherish the opportunity to care for the patients in our communities just as we have since 1950.