Chronic Migraine and Headache Treatment
Millions of people suffer from painful chronic headache conditions all over the United States, and they don’t seem to be getting better. Managing pain is a chore for many headache patients, who often feel discouraged and exhausted by a lack of day-to-day pain relief. If you suffer from chronic headaches and/or facial pain that have failed to improve with conventional therapy or medication, you may benefit from this simple treatment option.

SPG Block, the simple & effective option for migraine relief

• Safe for adults, children and pregnant women
• 10 to 15 minute outpatient procedure
• No needles required
• Majority of patients experience immediate relief
• Low risk with very high success rates
• Reimbursed by most insurance companies & Medicare
• Preformed by highly trained doctors specializing in interventional radiology
Talk to your primary care physician and ask about the SPG Block procedure today.


The sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) is a collection of neurons inside the head. It is located outside of the brain, but is exposed to the outside environment due to its connection to the nasal mucosa. The SPG is connected to a number of different pain-associated issues in the head, including migraine, tension and cluster headaches, as well as headaches with mixed symptoms.
An SPG block is a procedure that administers medication to the SPG, which modulates nerve impulses to try to provide effective and long-lasting pain relief.
The procedure is designed to be safe and relatively painless. You may experience minimal or mild discomfort when the SphenoCath® device is inserted into the nose, but it is nothing like the needles and stiff applicators of the past. The SphenoCath® device is small and flexible, making the procedure as comfortable as possible for quick relief.
It usually only takes minutes for the physician to administer the Trigeminal Nerve and SPG Nerve Blocks using the SphenoCath® device. After the procedure, the patient should recline or lie flat for another 10–15 minutes to experience maximum benefit relief.

In a 50 patient pilot study performed by a board certified physician specialist, when SPG blocks are properly performed, using the new SphenoCath® device and procedure, the results were very positive:

  • Over 74% of the patients experienced complete symptom relief
  • An additional 20% of the patients experienced over 50% relief
  • The remaining 6% did not experience pain relief

Compared with other known medication and interventional therapies, the SphenoCath® device achieved much higher levels of patient benefit. Many patients are seeing benefits as long as 90 days. In the event you have been using Migraine medications for a long time frame, you may need additional procedures performed during the first 4 to 6 weeks.